We believe that every student should be captivated by their learning. Coursespark and Listenwise give you access to quality video and audio content to help make that happen.

Discover beautifully curated, curriculum-aligned educational videos and podcasts from world-class content creators on coursespark.io

Boclips is thrilled to announce the launch of CourseSpark, our new educational media platform designed to help education providers captivate learners with video and podcasts.

CourseSpark improves on Boclips’ legacy media platforms and will only grow better with time, new content acquisition, and product updates.

To explore CourseSpark, current Boclips users need only visit coursespark.io and log in using their existing credentials. Once there, users will find they can:

  • Easily navigate CourseSpark with a clean new dashboard
  • Optimize search with the new “Best for” filter
  • Experience better curation with our improved Subject search
  • Save and share videos with playlists

For help navigating CourseSpark, Boclips partners are welcome to use our CourseSpark Guide or to contact support@boclips.com.

About Boclips

Since 2014, Boclips has worked with publishers and education providers worldwide to enrich learning with the world's best educational videos and podcasts. Boclips is the industry's trusted destination for rich media that are vetted for quality, sourced from leading creators, and curated specifically for education. Learn more at www.boclips.com



Boclips is on a mission to make learning more captivating with video with an easier, safer way to access videos from the world’s leading video producers.

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