Watch this short video hosted by Ed Kendall of Boclips  to learn how you can use video in your virtual learning platforms to keep students engaged and keep teachers coming back for more.



Approach #1: Incorporating video resources in your online lessons

All students across the learning spectrum will have something to gain from videos that clearly introduce a topic, that explain a concept, or add real-world context. Say you’re teaching a subject like climate change, you might want to add an introductory explainer video, some real-world context, and some extra thoughts for students to take away.

These videos typically should be short short-form (roughly 5 mins)  to fit neatly into a learning narrative as part of your online lesson. 

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Approach #2: Flip the virtual classroom

Flipped learning is everywhere these days. And it’s perfectly set up to incorporate multimedia resources. Sending a student a video before a group session will allow them to form opinions and nurture ideas they can later bring to the class. Aside from the topic itself, this is also a great way to teach students how to debate concepts, to communicate their ideas, and structure a clear argument.

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Approach #3: Videos made by teachers and students

Students love making videos just as much as they love watching them. And what better way to test students' understanding of a topic than by giving them their very own video assignment? Giving students the opportunity to create their own videos is a great way for them to test their knowledge of a subject. Building the tools to record and submit videos on your virtual learning platform encourages students to pull their own opinions and ideas together and present them in a clear and coherent way. 

Whatever approach you use, providing students the tools to discover, create, and share rich and relevant video is a surefire way to keep teachers and students connected and engaged, wherever they may be. 

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