March is Women’s History Month and we are excited to be able recognise and celebrate women’s contributions to all aspects of society throughout history up to the present day. Before its introduction by Sonoma School District in 1978, women’s history was rarely taught in schools but now a wide range of resources make teaching about such an important topic easier than ever before.

One of the most exciting things about boclips is the depth and breadth of the video content. A historical archive video allows students to witness a Suffragette rally in the early 20th century, whilst an international news producer provides up to the minute information on how women’s rights issues are developing across the globe now. Meanwhile, specialist documentary shorts tell the story of women working in engineering, marine biology, journalism and so many other fields.

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Women's History Month Educational Videos


As well as a range of topics and perspectives, boclips allows you to find the right video for you students depending on their age or level. For Primary pupils who are just being introduced to Women’s History Month, why not show this video from Maddie Moate: What's in her Bag? - Amelia Earhart which explores Earhart’s life and work in an accessible, informal way.


Women's History Month Educational Videos


Mazz Media’s video on Suffrage is ideal for Secondary students who are beginning to learn about women’s rights and suffrage in more depth. It discusses suffrage campaigns around the world and how they tied into other political and social movements.

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Suzanna Taylor

Suzanna is a marketing specialist at Boclips. As a former languages teacher, she is passionate about quality, accessible educational resources.

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